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Holmsey's second and third destination!

Holmsey has reached another new destination.

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Holmsey has arrived at Cath's home, Sutton-in-Ashfield in Nottinghamshire! I wonder if he will have time to visit Sherwood Forest? He has also nipped over to The Wirral nr Liverpool! Boy does he get around!

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Holmsey has reached his first Destination!

Barnsley has received a Hare visitor!

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Holmsey has arrived at his first port of call: Barnsley, Yorkshire, Uk. He is looking forwards to spending time with his host Bev! xxx

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And we are off! Holmsey's Teams

The Holmsey Hare Hop has begun!

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Ten little hares are off on their journeys to the Uk, Europe, America and a few more destinations!
The final teams are as following.

Team One
1. Miss Chiara Levorato
2. Regina Priester
3. Judy Davis
4. Anne Hughes
5. G. French,

Team Two
1. Mrs J M Booth
2. Karen Jorgen
3. Cheryl Kinsella
4. Catherine Roberts
5. Jennifer Smith (Olna)
6. G. French

Team three
1. Cath Willey
2. Sharon Stevens
3. Harriet Johannesson
4. Glynn Hempel
5. G. French

Team 4
1. Pam Weeks
2. Angela Garcia Killeen
3. Lynda Ackerson
4. Elaine Murphy
5. G. French

Team 5
1. Leonore Winterer
2. Christina Wells
3. Nancy Reed:
4. Barbara Maier:
5. G. French,

Team 6
1. Melissa nulter
2. Helen Flook
3. Sandie Payton,
4. Janice Laffey
5. G. French

Team 7
1. Julie Billing
2. Lori Laughlin
3. Teresa Soley
4. Melissa Moldover
5. G. French,

Team 8
1. Judith Lücke
2. Rachelle DeMunck
3. Mary Jane Moder
4. Geraldine Lowther
5. Jo Makowski
6. G. French

Team 9
1. Jacquie Morris,
2. Lynne Coldwell
3. Loretta Reutner
4. Urszula Schibeci
5. G. French,

Team 10
1. Bethan Kilby
2. Isobel Holmes
3. Kathy Reichert
4. Tracy Kaye
5. G. French,

In your envelope you will find the chart and full instructions. Don't worry. They will not self destruct in five minutes. Keep them safe ready to send to the next person on your list, which is also included.

Hop, Hop Hurray!

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Holmsey's Hop Buddy Teams

Each group will have a chart, and will send it to each other.

all seasons in one day

Holmsey’s Hop Teams

Travel Buddy Teams

Team 1

Lynda Taras Baba
Regina Priester
Judy Davis
Anne Hughes

Team 2

Jenny Booth
Karen Jorgen, St
Cheryl Kinsella
Catherine Roberts
Jennifer Smith (Olna)

Team 3

Catherine Wiley
Sharon Stevens
Harriet Johannesson
Glynn Hempel

Team 4

Pam Weeks
Angela Garcia Killeen
Lynda Ackerson
Elaine Murphy

Team 5

Leonore Winterer
Christina Wells
Nancy Reed:
Barbara Maier

Team 6

Melissa nulter
Helen Flook
Sandie Payton
Janice Laffey

Team 7

Julie Billing
Lori Laughlin
Teresa Soley
Melissa Moldover

Team 8

Judith Lücke A
Rachelle DeMunck
Mary Jane Moder
Geraldine Lowther
Jo Makowski

Team 9

Jacquie morris
Lynne Coldwell
Loretta Reutner
Urszula Schibeci

Team 10

Bethan Kilby
Isobel Holmes
Kathy Reichert
Tracy Kaye

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Holmsey Hare's Hop

The Journey of a wise and distiguished hare.


Over the last few weeks I've had a fair few deliveries go missing. I always get proof of postage but that only proves I posted it, not that it will get there.

The parcels that go missing seem to be ones with Holmsey needleminders and charts in. Someone is opening the envelopes, removing the items BUT putting the packaging back in and re-sealing the envelope...and it seems to always be packages sent to America.

After packing yet more replacements (and writing a very polite note on the back to the USA postal service) I asked Holmsey what he thought was going on.

I mean, it's not like he is trying to get out and see a bit of the world is it?

When I said that, laughing, his head dropped and he sighed a deep, deep sigh.

Holmsey it seems, actually wouldn't mind seeing a bit of the world and having an adventure. After all, he is quite an elderly and distinguished hare who very much enjoys staying at home in the Meadow, chatting with friends, but he feels he would like to see what the world has got to offer!

So, we got our heads together and came up with the Holmsey Hare Hop Travelling Pattern.

Members of Holmsey Hare's fb group (yes, his group, not mine lol), are joining in and I thought I would also like to offer the chance to be part of it to my blogging friends. I appreciate that not everyone likes facebook.

So, what does it entail.


  • A chart of the above (minus the anti copyright stealing graffitti saying 'Stitchers Anon' because someone advised me to do it because the computer generated photo makes it too easy to copy...sigh..would never even occur to me to do that!) will be sent out to the first stitchers in the teams.
  • They have four weeks to stitch it, and when it is finished they do the following.
  • Photograph the finish and email it to me along with some interesting information about where they life and places that Holmsey might visit. They can also send me some photos (all emailed).
  • When that is done, they post the chart to the next person on the list.

Holmsey has opened a special backpacking interactive map page which is where he will share his journey.

You will be able to find it here: http://www.travellerspoint.com/member_map.cfm?user=Holmsey%20Hare

All the details that stitchers send to me will be put here, in Holmsey's blog and on his travel map.

If you would like to take part in our Hare Hop, simply email me on stitchersanon@yahoo.com with your name, town and country. We will officially start on the 1st of August. I will contact you nearer the time for your full address which will only be given to the person sending the chart on to you.

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