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Holmsey Visits Isobel

A holiday in Yorkshire!


Holmsey enjoyed being in North Yorkshire!

I made sure he had hot chocolate at bedtime and he could look out at the moon from the bedroom window.


He came with me to both my jobs at Ripon and Richmond and we stopped for a photo and walk round the cathedral in Ripon which was built in 670 AD for St Wilfrid in the evening and we stopped for a photo of Richmond castle which was built Alan Rufus of Brittany in 1071 on the way to Harrogate with all the trees decorated in lights. It 's famous for the Swan hotel where Agatha Christie disappeared.


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Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Holmsey visits Barbara!

Hi everyone,


Holmsey arrived safe and sound from Nancy Reed’s home in Missouri, on November 7th, 2015.

It was the last nice afternoon before a very cold and blustery few days. While I worked my paying job that day and the next, Holsmey met and enjoyed the company of my cat, Camo - short for Camouflage as her fur is very mottled with pretty browns, reds; and my dog, Chessie, a rather long-legged lass of unknown, but suspected heritage of Black Lab and Hound mix. Camo can be rather feisty if pushed too far, but Chessie wouldn’t hurt a flea, and is the gentlest of souls. In fact, other than having a great disdain and rather laughably stocking pose and initial rush mode at one of the members of the local Eastside Squirrel Gang, birdseed and suet thugs that they are, Chessie much rather prefers comfortably snoring, er, rather, snoozing on the living couch and loveseat or her posh doggie bed cushions when not inhabited by Camo.

Holmsey, when also not napping with “the girls”, initially kept busy looking at my stash of cross stitch patterns, kits, fabrics, flosses, and the like. When he got bored of that, explored my good-sized backyard and even met the 2 wild bunnies who somehow have come to live in my enclosed yard and have made a burrow under a very large piney shrub.


The first week, I began stitching the SAL in the later afternoons and evenings. In the first part of the days I had outdoor autumn chores to work on. Holmsey enjoyed chasing the falling leaves as I raked them up and mulched my flower beds, trimmed shrubs - though at times I am not certain whether he was joyfully egging the leaves on to fall and give me more work or admonishing them for giving me more work. Being that he was a guest, I kept such queries to myself. As per the pictures, you can see, Camo and Chessie simply watched us amusedly while enjoying the slightly warmer temperatures and lovely sunshine.

Here are a few websites that tell more about the fair city of Des Moines (pronounced “da moin” like “coin”) and Iowa.

Basic history of Des Moines: https://www.dmgov.org/InfoCenter/Pages/HistoricalInformation.aspx



you may need to turn down the music on this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiXKx0gjh4M

Basic State of Iowa info: http://www.50states.com/iowa.htm#.Vkt10sp3_NU

Basic history of the State of Iowa: http://www.history.com/topics/us-states/iowa


  • **

All-in-all, while I was unfortunately busy and at times the weather was not conducive to get out as I had hoped, I do believe Holmsey enjoyed his visit as we enjoyed having his company. He is an interesting hare with fun tails, er, rather tales, of his life in Ireland.

I enjoyed stitching Holmsey Hare’s SAL, though am not certain at this moment how I will actually finish my project. Must get everything ready for Christmas now. I will share a picture in January, when I have completely finished the project.

All the best to you and a safe trip for Holmsey back to Ireland. Thank you for sharing Holmsey and this SAL experience!


Barbara, Camo, and Chessie

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Romney, West Virginia

A visit with Teresa


I stitched this 2 over 2 on 28 count brown-eyed susan fabric from Chromatic Alchemy and used dmc and spun silk from fiberlicious. I absolutely loved stitching this, thank you.

I live in the state of West Virginia in the United States, in a small town named Romney. Holmsey arrived during our first frost of the new season and now it will be 75 degrees when he leaves to go to MA. Romney has a lot of history behind it. The civil war happened here and only a few minutes up the road is the graveyard where the servicemen are buried. We also have the Potomac Eagle train which takes you on tours to see the bald eagles. Also have the largest deaf and blind school that is used for several states.

Here is a link that is some history for the county I live in Hampshire http://www.historichampshire.org/hamphist.htm



There are pictures in the last link to show you alot of the historical buildings in my area.

Thank you,
Teresa Soley

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Holmsey Visits Globe Arizona


Holmsey Hare hop has arrived in Globe, Arizona USA and he arrived after the heat of the summer finally left,

There are Several Copper mines in this area.

They use cows on the sides of the dumps to help grow plants and keep the dust down people coming through always talk about the cows. They move them around the areas all of the time. The cows can get on top it is flat up there. You can see other areas where it has plants growing it works well.

There are several copper mines in this area.

Also the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine that is not mining right now but if you look at the mountain range it looks like Sleeping Beauty.

Some purest Turquoise in the world has come out of this mine.


We have Roosevelt Lake named after President Theodore Roosevelt.


President Roosevelt on his way to dedicate the dam named in his honor, 1911.


This area is famous for old west outlaws being here Big nose Kate who was a lover of Doc Holiday lived here. She ran a boarding house in downtown Globe in the 1890's. Doc Holiday was here. Wyatt Earp and when Wyatt Earp dumped his wife Mattie Earp for Joesphine. Mattie came here and Big nose Kate took her in to live with her. Mattie committed suicide and she is buried in Superior, Az about 20 miles from me.


Pearl Hart the female outlaw held up a stagecoach outside of Globe.


This is the old Courthouse downtown Globe it is now a Center for the Arts. A“William T. Phillips” came to Globe in 1909 from South America. Some believed he was really Richard Leroy Parker…Butch Cassidy.He worked in construction and on cattle ranches and helped on some of the construction of this court house until Summer 1910

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Chatham Kent - Ontario

Holmsey arrived in Chatham - Kent Ontario at the beginning of September, 2015 and he went on a couple little side trips while he was staying with me.

First he went to work on the day he arrived and that was a chore to keep him contained for the day, as all he wanted to do was to stretch his legs after his journey from Wiltshire England.

The next trip he went on was to Port Stanley Ontario, he did jump into the bunk of my husband’s semi-truck as he got scared by the wild turkey that tried to fly into the cab of the truck. But he did calm down as he got closer to the shore of Lake Erie thinking he was on his way back home, but he was disappointed when he seen what we were doing for the day which was loading smelt fish that we were delivering to a processing plant, with there final destination of China. 22,000 pounds of fish all in one place is not one of the greatest smells.

The next little trip we took was at the end of Holmsey's stay with me, we went up to Picton Ontario to help my father in-law move into the nursing home, Holmsey's was very quiet as he thought we were going to leave him in our hotel room in Trenton. But he did see some of the Royal Air Force planes as we drove by, but alas we could not stop to look them over, as we were running on a very tight schedule. Holmsey did stay with me to celebrate my birthday, and he did enjoy a small piece of birthday cake before he left to visit with Jennifer in Albuquerque New Mexico.
I have sent you this framed picture of my completed work using Aida Silverdust 14 count.

A little Bit about Chatham-Kent:


Chatham-Kent Ontario, visitors will find Chief Tecumseh’s fateful battlefield, Uncle Tom’s cabin, reflections of an 1860's oil boom-town and artifacts from the oldest village in southwestern Ontario. Population: 108,180

War of 1812

Over 200 years ago one of the most important events in American and British history happened along the banks of the Thames River right here in present-day Chatham-Kent.

On Oct. 5, 1813, American forces led by Brigadier General William Henry Harrison defeated the combined British and Native forces and killed Shawnee Chief Tecumseh in the historic Battle of the Thames.

The death of Tecumseh was a significant event in American history as forces eliminated their greatest threat to U.S. security.

Tecumseh’s death represented the loss of a dream for First Nations people and contributed to the highly regarded military leader becoming U.S. president. Although a monument is present across from the battlefield near Thamesville the location of his burial remains one of the great mysteries of the last two centuries.

Nearby Fairfield Museum and Historic Site occupies the land that was the first settlement of southwestern Ontario. Days after the 1813 battle, American forces invaded and burned the nearby Moravian village of Fairfield. Archaeological digs of the early 1940s form part of the artifacts of the Fairfield Museum collection as well as Moravian culture and the War of 1812. The museum site is designed so that visitors can walk where the actual village stood.
Underground Railroad

Some of the most poignant stops on the Ontario Underground Railroad tour are historic sites in Chatham-Kent. Considered the destination for freedom seekers, this region was home to some of the most successful black settlements and the greatest populace of former slaves in Canada. Original structures, artifacts and memoirs preserve this heritage and invite the visitor to explore the national treasures that best reveal this period.

Chatham-Kent is also home to Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site that displays the life story of one of history's most famous black slaves, Rev. Josiah Henson. Visitors can tour Henson's home, a smokehouse, sawmill, the Henson Family Cemetery and Pioneer Church. While in Dresden, a two-hour guided bus tour features 17 places of interest, and supports and enhances the story told at Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site. One of the last stops on the Underground Railroad, the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum that preserves the successful Buxton settlement features original structures built by slaves. At Ontario's second largest national historic site, visitors can tour the last standing schoolhouse built by slaves, an 1852 log cabin, two cabin , two churches, a cemetery and museum.

We have rich agricultural and automotive ties which provide tourism experiences like nowhere else. Classic car attractions give visitors rare opportunity to view luxury and exclusivity.
About Ontario Barn Quilt Trails

Thousands of handsome barns proudly host a barn quilt in their gable peaks. The count is up to 6000 and spreading. It all started in Ohio but in Canada, we can’t resist. Barn quilts are just too much fun. Barn quilts honour our quilters and the textile arts. Barn quilts draw attention to the magnificent barns that are fast disappearing. Barn quilts tell stories. They draw motorists to our rural highways, roads that have many stories to tell. Barn Quilts are rural graffiti - civic art pointing to sacred places, battlefields, and historic locations that we have forgotten about.

Thames River Barn Quilt Trails


What a beautiful quilt the Chatham-Kent Quilt Guild made to honour the people that settled the great community of Chatham Kent.

Chatham-Kent is a recreational resort for golfers, scuba divers and fans of extreme water sports, and is world-renowned with anglers and birders. Chatham-Kent celebrates four seasons of culture with galleries, theater and family-themed attractions located in its many quaint towns, urban centers, rural and waterfront communities. From its fascinating historic treasures to its natural wonders and man-made creations, Chatham-Kent is always worth the trip.

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